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Cedarwood Pest Control is a family owned and operated business, based out of Bensalem,Pa. 
"Our service is designed with the Safety of your  
                  Family and Pets in mind".               

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Cedarwood Pest Control

The following list contains some of the common preparations made prior to a bedbug treatment.

  • Remove all sheets, pillows and bedding material. Seal them with DUCT TAPE in a Black plastic bag until they can be cleaned, to prevent the infestation from spreading.Do Not Tie Bags Closed use DUCT TAPE
  • Wash sheets, pillows and bedding in soap and hot water. Items that cannot be washed, such as bedspreads and draperies, should be placed in a dryer on high for 1 hour (only high heat eliminates all stages). This will also be necessary for clothing in the closet, under the bed and in the dressers, in the room they were discovered in.
  • Everything that can be laundered should be laundered before the service and sealed in Black plastic bags. This would include stuffed animals shoes,sneakers and other soft articles.During the hot summer days all items can be placed in Black  plastic bags,sealed shut with DUCT TAPE and placed outside in direct sunlight for 4 hours to kill all stages of bedbugs.
  • Place the clean items in new plastic bags and sealed shut. DO NOT bring bags of clean laundry into the home until after the service is performed.
  • Clean all floors of loose items such as toys, trash, change, shoes, etc., including floors of closets and interior storage. Place all items in plastic bags for cleaning or disposal.
  • DO NOT MOVE items to another room or home while getting ready for the service without DUCT TAPING the bags shut . You may spread the bedbugs to other areas or reintroduce newly treated rooms to bedbugs later when you retrieve your belongings.
  • Ensure all items are removed from dresser tops, nightstands, bookshelves, coffee tables, etc.All furniture, tables, CD stands, computer equipment will be turned over during treatment.
  • Vacuum all floors, furniture, inside closets, dressers, bed frames, mattress and box spring, paying close attention to the edges and baseboards
  • Seal the vacuum bag in a plastic bag and throw it out IMMEDIATELY!!!!
  • Purchase a quality mattress and box spring cover to protect them. DO NOT buy a plastic mattress cover as they rip easy when you move the mattress and then your protection is gone and you end up buying another one.
  • Cover box spring and mattress and zip closed and stand them up sideways with access to the zipper.Bed rail and head board will be treated.Move items at least one foot away from walls


What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are small wingless insects that feed solely upon the blood of warm-blooded animals. Bed bugs and their relatives have evolved as nest parasites that have adapted well to living in the homes of people.

Hatchling bed bugs are about the size of a poppy seed, and adults are about 1/4 of an inch in length. From above they are oval in shape, but are flattened from top to bottom.

They can range in color from off white, light tan, deep brown or burnt orange. The blood from the host may appear as dark red or black in the bug’s body. Bed bugs do not have wings and therefore can’t fly. They crawl, run and climb, but don’t jump. When not feeding, they live in dark cracks and crevices. This can make them extremely difficult to find and kill.

Because it can be difficult to identify bed bugs, it is best to call a professional to identify and treat the problem. The pesticides used to battle bed bugs are different then to treat for other bugs. Cedarwood Pest Control has the knowledge, training and chemicals to effectively eradicate these biting pests from your home.


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 PESTS ARE OUR SPECIALTY!                                         


All Technicians have completed the PENNSYLVANIA Urban and Industrial Pest Management Certification.

Licensed in Pennsylvania. #BU0458

Household pest and rodent threats: Pests are more than annoying; they can pose serious risks to your health and property. Cedarwood Pest Control's extensive training and advanced technology concentrates on attacking any pests already in your home and breaking the life-cycle of the pests and rodents to help control unwanted invaders in the future. Why spend more on unneeded repairs, treat now and save later.

                                               My Commitment to you! 

           "Our service is designed with the Safety of your Family and Pets in mind".



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Comments : I've personally known Rudy for about 30 years. He was once a skilled auto mechanic and has since gone into business for himself. In a few short years he has learned the exterminating business very well. You will find him to be very reliable and conscientious. His prices are  good because he is has less overhead and does all the work himself. My wife said to add that Rudy is very pleasant. John A. Marshall

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